brand new LuLaRoe styles!

brand new LuLaRoe styles!

LuLaRoe held its annual convention a little over a week ago. While I was bummed that I couldn't attend, I made sure I stalked their social media pages so that I could learn about all of the new styles headed our way. Let's take a look:

Shirley. "In a word, the Shirley Kimono can only be described as ethereal. Long, flowing and boasting a dreamy angel sleeve, the kimono comes in the prettiest patterned chiffons, laces and haccis. Whether you're poolside and wearing the Shirley over a swimsuit , or have layered it over a beautiful dress, you're sure to be giving off those movie star vibes. Own it!" Retail price = $48

I'm beyond excited for Shirley, which will replace the Monroe kimono (I'm wearing my favorite Monroe in the middle photo here). Since Shirley will be offered in a variety of fabrications, I believe she will be a year-round wardrobe staple!

Gigi. "The LuLaRoe Gigi - LuLaRoe's first fitted top - features flattering elbow-length sleeves and a classic high, rounded neckline. Its fitted silhouette makes Gigi a great base for layering - in any season - and is flattering when paired with full skirts and bottoms. Like most classics, it's simple and versatile and is sure to excite any outfit" Retail price = $35

I predict Gigi is going to be a hit, especially with those who love the Maxi and Madison skirts. I'd also love to see it paired with some wide leg jeans; so cute! Fingers crossed that the larger sizes are true to size ;)


Lynnae. "With its long sleeves, the LuLaRoe Lynnae is basically your favorite summertime T all warmed up for colder temps. Boasting a high-low hemline, flirty scooped neckline, and hourglass tailoring - it is sure to flatter all! Pair it with any of LuLaRoe's skirts or leggings to create a fresh look, guaranteed to leave you obsessed!" Retail price = $35

When I shared all of the new styles in my VIP shopping group, most of my members were most excited about Lynnae. She features everything we love about the Classic tee. Lynnae will be a fall bestseller, for sure.

TC2. LuLaRoe now offered extended leggings sizes!  Retail price = $25

TC2 caters to customers in sizes 18+. As a plus sized woman, I am THRILLED! I'm a solid size 18, so I can't wait to slide into a pair of these.

Sariah. "For the days when your little one wants to be stylish and cozy, they'll be so happy to have the LuLaRoe Sariah, a sweater knit cardigan that is as comfortable as it is adorable. Patterned after the LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan, the Sariah is the smaller version designed for the LuLaRoe kids line. Lightweight and warm, the Sariah is sure to become your kids' go to piece for cool days." Retail price = $35

My typically cynical nine year old cannot wait for Sariah! She's the kid who will wear sweaters/jackets year round, even if it's 90 degrees outside. I think she and Sariah will be fast friends. I also think the price point is just right!

What about you? Which style will be your favorite?

Shirley, Gigi, TC2 and Sariah arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. Click here to be among the first to check them out.



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